Takehiko Yasuda


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Note that I am still at Osaka University and has no plan to move as of November, 2016.


I am a mathematician working for Department of Mathematics, Osaka University as an associate professor. My research area has been the algebraic geometry, the geometry studying shapes or spaces given by polynomial equations; namely, algebraic varieties in technical terms. In particular, singularities of such shapes have been my primary interests. In last years, I mainly worked on problems where the number theory and the singularity theory interplay. Now my interest inclines toward the Diophantine geometry.  


  • singularities of algebraic varieties
  • jets and arcs
  • motivic and p-adic integration
  • the McKay correspondence
  • rational points
  • higher Semple-Nash blowups and F-blowups
  • wild quotient singularities
  • counting field extensions


The Cost of Knowledge (Elsevier Boycott)

I signed on The Cost of Knowledge of Aug. 5, 2015. I would like to refrain from cooperating with Elsevier by publishing, refereeing or doing editorial work, except ones I had already agreed to do.

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